About Para Bellum Bricks

Para Bellum Bricks was founded in 2021 with the idea of ​​producing historically accurate models, primarily vehicles and guns, from LEGO bricks. These serve the purpose of historical clarification and representation of real historical objects and events. Our products are free of anti-constitutional symbols and in no way serve to spread political beliefs.

The name "Para Bellum" is Latin and translated it means "prepare yourself for war/battle".

Due to years of experience with LEGO WW2 model building, we know exactly what the customer wants. Especially models in small scales (1:40 - 1:45) are enjoying increasing popularity. These models in connection with the other great products make the heart of a LEGO WW2 fan beat faster. However, these are not toys, but detailed models of the historical models. The special construction techniques in particular require experience and patience during assembly.

Due to these special techniques, the models are fragile in some places and therefore not suitable for excessive play or for children under 14 years of age.